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Mind Revive Psychiatry LLC uses a secure HIPAA compliant telepsychiatry platform, to provide up-to-date, high-quality mental health treatment.  In order to receive care, you must live in the state where the practitioner is licensed to practice. Marcus Robinson PMHNP-BC is licensed to treat patients in Florida, Arizona and New Mexico


Initial  Psychiatric Evaluation

All new clients must complete an initial psychiatric evaluation. This will help to identify your presenting symptoms, your past, and your goals for treatment. With your permission/consent, it may include communicating with your previous providers and family members to gain an enhanced perspective of your concerns. Following the diagnostic assessment, evidence-based treatment interventions will be discussed, which may include referrals to other health care providers to aid in optimal health & wellness. We will collaborate together to select the best treatment plan, that you feel most comfortable and confident about, after being properly educated on the risks & benefits. Appointments vary in length. They are heavily dependent on the range of patient information provided, medical history, and past psychiatric history; however, average appointments are 45 minutes in duration. ​

Follow Up/Medication Management
Follow up appointments are designed to evaluate the efficacy of the current treatment regimen and/or efficacy of medications prescribed. The duration of these appointments are highly individualistic, but typically do not exceed 20 minutes and the frequency is determined in collaboration with the client. 


Prescription medications will be electronically prescribed or faxed to the receiving pharmacy.

Fees For Services

Please be advised that Mind Revive Psychiatry LLC is a private practice that requires full payment for services at the time of service. 

Insurance we accept:

  • AETNA- Florida, Arizona, Mexico

  • BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD (HMO, PPO Plan): Florida, Arizona, New Mexico

  • CIGNA- Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, 

  • COMPSYCH- Florida, New Mexico, Arizona

  • MAGELLAN -Florida, New Mexico

  • MEDICARE- Florida, New Mexico

  • MEDICAID: New Mexico


  • OSCAR- Florida, Arizona, New Mexico

  • OXFORD- Florida, New Mexico, Arizona


  • TRICARE- Florida 

  • UMR- Florida, Arizona, New Mexico

  • UNITED HEALTH CARE (UHC)- Florida, New Mexico, Arizona


  • OUT-OF-NETWORK- A special invoice, called a "super bill" can be provided to you free of charge to submit to your insurance carrier or FSA/HSA for possible reimbursement. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier to determine what reimbursement, if any, you will receive. Credit/debit cards are accepted and will be required at the time you schedule your appointment to hold your appointment time. You will not be charged unless we complete your evaluation, you cancelled your appointment after the grace period, or you are a no-show.

  • Pending for Florida: Beacon Health

Non-member self-pay fee

    -$250  Initial Diagnostic Psychiatric Evaluation (50 mins)

    -$125  Follow-up appointment (20 mins)

Direct Primary Care Membership

Mind Revive Psychiatry LLC understands that paying for mental health care is difficult for many, even for those who are insured. Restrictions on mental health coverage require many Americans to pay a significant amount out of pocket and insurance benefits, which typically don’t kick in until after an average deductible in excess of $1500 is met. Others may not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid.  The Direct Care Membership plan provides affordable long term psychiatric treatment for a cost-effective monthly fee.

    This discounted plan includes:

           -Initial psychiatric diagnostic evaluation (up to 45 mins)
           -Monthly follow up appointment (up to 20 mins)

           -Patient-specific evidence practice-based treatment plan

           -No cancellation fees

    Member fee: $105/month (auto-payment required for a minimum of 6 months and is not reimbursable by any                 insurance plan. Limited to only 300 patients. Must provide documentation to support financial                                 hardship.)

Record release, forms, and refills for established patients:


     +Medical Record Release | $35

     +FMLA/Disability      | $75

**Clients receiving prescriptions for medications will receive enough medication to merge you until  your next scheduled follow-up appointment to eliminate the need for this service. Additional fees for  phone calls, letters, emails, reports, etc. will be charged and determined on a time for service basis  for an established patient.

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