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Before your visit

Immediately after scheduling your appointment, you will be emailed a intake packet. This packet will include a consent to treat, contact information, health history and etc. It must be completed at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time or your appointment will need to be reschedule for a later date. 

You will be required to have a scale and a home blood pressure monitoring device at each scheduled appointment.


Non-members & Insured Patients

A $75 deposit will be required to schedule all initial psychiatric evaluation appointments which are non-refundable, unless more than 24 hours notice is given prior to your appointment.  Full payment will be due at the time of service. Credit/debit cards are accepted and will be required at the time you schedule your appointment to secure the appointment time. Acceptable forms of payment are debit/credit cards in the form of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and including HSA.

Out-of-Network & Superbills

A special invoice, called a "superbill" can be provided to you free of charge to submit to  your insurance carrier or FSA/HSA for possible reimbursement. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier to determine what reimbursement, if any, you will receive. Credit/debit cards are accepted and will be required at the time you schedule your appointment to hold your appointment time. You will not be charged unless we complete your evaluation, you cancelled your appointment after the grace period, or you are a no-show.

Cancellation Policy

Non-members & Insured Patients

Deposits are fully refundable if cancellation is made 24hrs  prior to your appointment time. Failure to keep your scheduled appointment will result in a charge of $75.

Medication Refills
During the initial stages of treatment, medications are generally adjusted until proven effective to minimize unnecessary side effects. Therefore, it is recommended that you meet with your mental health provider regularly. Clients receiving prescriptions for medications will receive enough medication to merge them until their next scheduled follow-up appointment.  

Prescription Policy

Mind Revive Psych has a commitment to prescribing medications safely and will only prescribe controlled substances when it is absolutely indicated. Controlled substances will be prescribed in accordance with policies established by the DEA and your home state’s governing laws. We do not prescribe Xanax, Ambien, or any opioid pain-killers.

We do prescribe most other medications to include anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and mood stabilizers. We are here to help patients in need of care and will help you find alternative medications.

All patients requesting DEA Schedule II, III, and IV drugs will be referenced through their home state's Prescription Monitoring Program and must submit to a drug screen. If you are specifically seeking controlled medications, please call our office prior to your visit to discuss treatment options.

Controlled Substances 

  • Prescriptions can only be issued at a regularly scheduled appointment.

  • There are no early refills.

  • Lost prescriptions will not be replaced.

  • Stolen prescriptions will only be replaced if the client presents a police report documenting the theft.

  • The provider will prescribe long-acting stimulant as medically appropriate. In general, they do not prescribe short or immediate acting stimulants.

  • All clients will submit a urine sample for drug of abuse testing before the first prescription is written.

  • Clients are required to complete an annual urine drug test with more frequent testing if indicated and requested by the provider.

  • The final determination about whether to prescribe stimulant medication rests with the prescribing provider.

**No controlled substances will be written for the states of  Washington or Montana.**

DEA COVID-19 Telemedicine Policy
COVID-19 Information Page (

DEA Schedule II, III and IV Drugs


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